About Us

i3 Pty Ltd trading as i3 Australia is a boutique consulting firm established in 2015 by a group of professionals who met while completing MBAs at the University of Queensland.

Headquartered in Brisbane Australia, we work with clients of all sizes across Australia and the Pacific. In an increasingly complex and disruptive world, we connect people, technology and ideas to help clients solve the problems and build the capabilities required to survive, thrive and grow.

We also partner with other specialist firms to take advantage of their solutions and experience designed to complete the ‘reduce uncertainty, maximise performance’ paradigm for our clients.

Meet the team

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How working with us can add value for you

  Insightful Advice

Our partners will be the specialists that work with you on a day to day basis – not just at the beginning and end of an engagement. Because our partners are both experienced consultants and industry professionals, we are able to share knowledge and insights and offer counsel during every conversation, on every engagement.

Our partners include MBAs, CAs, CPAs, operations specialists, organisational psychologists, web designers, data analysts, business managers, entrepreneurs and research analysts who apply their talents to solving complex, important challenges.

  Improvement Focused

We are focused on Innovation, Growth and Sustainability.

With the world we live in changing at a faster rate than at any time in history and disruption being the new norm, we challenge conventional thinking to help clients transform into the future state required to address the challenges and problems of today and tomorrow.

Each project we take on provides an opportunity to transform our client’s mindset (as well as our own), formulating solutions, shaping agendas and enabling meaningful, sustainable impacts.

  Diverse Understanding

We apologise if you have looked for a triangular or hexagonal methodology on our site. We bespoke solutions for our clients – solutions designed specifically for their needs so it is impossible for us to define a single methodology that we try to ‘fit’ to every organisation.

There is no such thing as best practice. Change is ongoing meaning that what was best/good last week, may not be best/good next week. What is good for one organisation may not be good for another.

Our professional staff are all ‘masters’ qualified and industry experienced managers. We are across a range of leading practices empowering us to develop solutions to complex problems that are designed individually for your business.

  Value Centric

We are genuinely focused on delivering value. If our clients don’t receive the value they are seeking – we do not charge them.

We focus on transferring knowledge and skills so that you can continue on your journey without having to rely upon us – we do not adopt the land and expand strategy.

We believe this model is best for our clients and we are confident that our approach, people and knowledge will see us invited back to the table when the next problem or challenge emerges.

i3 Australia Leaders

Business Improvement

David MacDonald

David MacDonald

Lead Governance, Risk and Performance Specialist

Financial Services

Sharon MacDonald

Sharon MacDonald

Lead Finance and Analytics Specialist

People and Culture

Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts

Lead People and Culture Specialist