Data Analytics

Business intelligence – unleashing value through analytics

In a continuously evolving world, understanding what data you have, and how it can be used, is key to unlocking opportunities, creating value and achieving strategic goals.

Traditional financial reports are great, but they are static pictures of a point in time, generally the past. How sensible is it to make a decision about tomorrow using static information from yesterday?

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The path to business intelligence

Real competitive advantage can be created by unlocking and implementing insights from the information produced by your organisation. The challenge for many is how and where to start – what should my data analytics strategy look like, what will generate the best return for my investment?

We understand that many organisations just don’t have the scope and/or resources to test and prove the value of their data analytics strategy, so getting it right is critical to achieving business intelligence success. i3 Australia can help you understand how analytics can lead to business intelligence.Once implemented, predictive analysis (as part of business intelligence) should inform decisions about tomorrow and the future! Static reports can be replaced with dynamic dashboards, available anywhere, in real time, to allow for decisions to be made at the right time, not just at management or product meetings.

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Embedded business intelligence can then inform:

  • Strategic planning
  • Capacity planning
  • Resource planning
  • Asset performance
  • CAPEX planning
  • R&D planning
  • Investment analysis and planning
  • Product lifecycle planning
  • Customer insights and interactions
  • Innovation opportunities
  • Improvement opportunities

Understanding what will be important tomorrow, next week, next month or next year is crucial for business success and sustainability. Now and in the future, your ability to respond to disruption and change is what will set you apart.

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How much – how often?

A single data analytics exercise can add significant value to help boards, management, business owners and key personnel gain insights into business operations, opportunities and issues. This can provide short term, one-off gains, but it does not deliver the long-term, sustainable outcomes available through embedded BI.

Dynamic (ongoing) data analytics, as part of embedded BI, can unlock real value and provide stakeholders with information in a completely different light. Directors can review dynamic visualisations (in conjunction with traditional reports) to get a clear picture of the current and potential future state of the organisation.

Boards and management are able to make better, more informed decisions with greater confidence that data analytics will provide improved reporting and highlight trends and issues early.

Customer and stakeholder needs can be better understood and met using the insights provided by dynamic analytics.

Are you ready to enter the data age?

We understand that venturing into data analytics can be a daunting task initially. What tools will be right for your business, what set-up and training is required, what data can be used, what does that data need to look like? What are we ultimately trying to achieve through analytics?

If you are confident about what you are trying to achieve and are ready to start, we can work with you to help ensure that your data analytics strategy is robust, achievable and ready.

If you are thinking about analytics but not ready to make the investment required to establish in-house capability, we provide an outsourced service designed to give you the time to determine what value data analytics can provide. We are confident that you will want to continue with the outsourced service or in-house your analytics capability to embed business intelligence throughout your operations and reporting.

Talk to us today about your data analytics strategy and how we can help you to effectively utilise the data captured in your business to make informed decisions and optimise potential opportunities.

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