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Mediation and facilitation with a difference – engaging, polished, transparent, empathic and transforming

Traditional mediation has often left parties feeling ‘compromised’ or ‘exhausted’ by an adversarial. The outcome may be satisfactory, if not successful in terms of a fact based settlement, but the party feels as though their values and emotions have not been heard, acknowledged or addressed.

i3 Australia provides expert and qualified facilitation, mediation and conflict management services for a wide range of commercial, workplace, building, organisational and board disputes.

Many individuals, communities and organisations are turning to informal dispute resolution, facilitated by an independent person, to assist with making decisions and resolving conflict.

Brisbane Facilitation and Mediation Services

Benefits of workplace mediation

Workplace mediation is being used to resolve conflict so often because it works – both in terms of getting to an agreement but also in the commitment of participants to follow it.

The i3 process has many benefits:

Facilitation Mediation Zen Stones
  • Caring
  • Empowering for participants
  • Practical
  • Future-focused
  • Cost-effective
  • Time-efficient
  • Positive
  • Flexible
  • Confidential

Research shows that up to 85% of matters are resolved in mediation and the overwhelming majority of participants in mediation processes were happy with both the process and felt the agreement was suitable for their situation.

Understanding the importance of team dynamics and using mediation & conflict resolution is necessary to ensure positive project outcomes. Talk to us about our facilitation and mediation services today.

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