MyVoice Disclosure Service

The MyVoice service is designed to give your employees and other stakeholders an independent mechanism to have their voices heard in relation to reportable conduct, issues and problems in your business or to advise of opportunities for improvement.  It assists organisations to operationalise their whistleblower framework and demonstrate compliance with legislation and good governance principles.

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Why MyVoice?

Whistleblowing legislation changes enacted in 2019 require that a compliant whistleblowing policy be implemented by 01 January 2020 for:

  • Public companies and large proprietary companies
  • Charities and NFPs with annual revenue over $1 million

MyVoice provides a confidential and anonymous mechanism for employees and eligible parties to report ‘reportable conduct’ including, but not limited to, suspected fraud and misconduct, suspected bullying, harassment, other inappropriate behaviour as well as opportunities for improvement and recommendations for change.

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How does it work?

The MyVoice service is professional, cost-effective and quick & easy to establish.

Whistleblower Reporting Service

The service consists of:

  • A dedicated 1800 or 1300 number answered during business hours diverting to a messaging service late at night
  • A secure portal at available 24/7 every day of the year
  • A dedicated email address
  • A secure postal address
  • Brochures containing all of your MyVoice service details

Anyone wishing to have their voice heard can contact the MyVoice service through any of the mechanisms mentioned above.  A full audit trail is maintained in relation to every interaction and any documentation provided.

If a MyVoice service caller notifies any issues under whistleblowing legislation, full details of the conversation will be captured, analysed and reported within 24 hours to the respective Protected Disclosure Coordinators in your organisation.  Our report will contain recommendations for quick-win improvements should we identify any governance gaps during the disclosure.

If a MyVoice service caller notifies about opportunities for improvement, they will be documented in the portal and made available to your organisation on an ongoing basis.

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MyVoice is surprisingly affordable. With setup costs less than $1000 and monthly charges costing little more than the daily cost of a good cup of coffee, it’s never been easier to meet your obligations and collect business improvement ideas in a structured manner.

Speak to us about our pre -31 January 2020 pricing which includes discounts to allow you to comply with the 01 January 2020 start date.

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