Integrated Corporate Governance

Broader than just the board

Too often, corporate governance is viewed solely as a board activity or responsibility.

At i3 Australia we see corporate governance as an integrated activity. It is not just about governance at the board level, but how it filters into day-to-day activities to help an organisation deliver against its strategy and objectives. It is about how organisations are operated and controlled.

We assist clients to implement integrated corporate governance from a People, Process, Systems and Information (PPSI) perspective.

Corporate Governance Employees

We view PPSI as being at the heart of every organisation from the board and its operations to front line staff. This is key to successfully implementing strategy and achieving objectives.

Integrated Governance Infographic

Integrated corporate governance helps to ensure that what happens at the front line aligns with the expectations of the board and management. It helps to ensure that the right things are happening, at the right time.

Broad application – broad outcomes

  Listed Companies need good integrated corporate governance to foster investment confidence and to provide regulators assurance that operations are ethical and in the interests of customers, not just shareholders.
  Private Businesses needing capital to pursue growth objectives need good corporate governance to assure banks and other lenders that they are properly ‘corporatised’ to secure the capital to expand and grow.
  Government Owned Corporations (GOCs) require good corporate governance to meet their obligations to improve their economic performance, and the ability of the government to achieve social objectives, by improving the efficiency, effectiveness and accountability of GOCs.
  Other Government and NFP Organisations are responsible for the transparent and accountable use of public funds. Good corporate governance is key, not only to ensure transparency in relation to the use public funds, but to maximise opportunities to deliver against social purposes and objectives.

Taking the next steps…

When is the right time to examine, revisit or improve your organisation’s integrated corporate governance? Whenever your organisation is:

  • Struggling to achieve its objectives
  • Looking to grow or expand
  • Focusing on reducing waste
  • Needing to improve organisational culture
  • Seeking productivity and process improvements
  • Considering digitisation or automation
  • Looking to improve risk management and controls
  • Wanting to improve compliance and conformance
  • Introducing, or seeking to introduce, new products and services
  • Wanting better insights and information
  • Pursuing social purposes
  • Seeking to improve profitability
  • Searching for sustainability into the future

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