Inventory Management in Business Central with Copilot

Microsoft Copilot offers valuable features to enhance inventory management within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Let’s explore how you can leverage Copilot for better control over your inventory: 

Natural-Language Inventory Search

  • Copilot interacts with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management to provide a natural-language inventory search feature. 
  • Users can ask questions about inventory and receive real-time answers. 

“For example, you might inquire, “What’s the inventory for the Silver Chronograph Watch in USMF?” Copilot would respond with details like product number, available quantities, and locations”

Optimise Inventory Levels

  • Copilot helps inventory managers by providing forecasts and alerts based on demand patterns, seasonality factors, and supply chain constraints. 
  • It assists in making informed decisions about inventory levels, ensuring optimal stock without overstocking or stockouts. 

Automated Purchase Orders and Replenishment Plans

  • Based on inventory data and vendor information, Copilot can generate purchase orders and replenishment plans. 
  • It suggests relevant vendors, items, and prices, streamlining the procurement process. 

 Historical Data Analysis and Risk Mitigation:

  • Copilot analyses historical data and market trends to assist supply chain managers. 
  • By making informed decisions, you can mitigate risks and optimise inventory management. 

 “Copilot is your AI-powered ally, helping you make smarter inventory decisions and improving overall operational efficiency”

Contact i3 Australia to learn how Copilot and Business Central can transform your business operations.

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