Leveraging Copilot for better Cash Flow Management in Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers powerful tools to enhance financial management, and Copilot, its AI companion, plays a key role in streamlining processes and improving efficiency.

Dynamics 365 Business Central leverages Copilot for better financial management through:  

Natural-Language Queries and Answers: 

  • Copilot enables conversational chat within Business Central. You can ask questions related to cash flow, financial reports, and more using natural language. 
  • For instance, inquire about projected cash inflows or outflows, and Copilot will provide relevant information.  

Streamline Bank Reconciliation: 

  • Copilot simplifies bank reconciliation by analyzing imported bank statements. 
  • It matches transactions, proposes entries for unmatched items, and ensures accurate financial records. 
  • This feature saves time and effort during month-end tasks. 

Cash Flow Analysis with AI: 

  • Business Central, powered by AI, can create comprehensive Cash Flow Analyses. 
  • These analyses help monitor your company’s cash position, a critical indicator of solvency. 
  • By forecasting cash flow, you can proactively manage your financial health. 

Set Up Cash Flow Forecasts: 

  • Use account schedules to create cash flow forecasts. 
  • Configure column definitions, assign them to financial reports, and view/print the forecasts. 

Automate Data Entry: 

  • Copilot assists in pulling information into forecasts via automatic and manual entries. 
  • It ensures accurate data for cash flow projections. 

“Remember, Copilot is your AI companion, ready to assist you in making informed financial decisions and optimising your cash flow management! “

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