Success in the ‘New Normal’ whatever it looks like!

We may be heading towards a new normal but none of us really know what it will look like?

The past few years have been challenging for businesses.  The uncertainty and change that has always existed for organisations has been exacerbated by COVID and the decisions taken by governments.  Hard lockdowns, soft lockdowns, border closures, travel restrictions, Inflation and changing working arrangements have significantly reduced business confidence in many sectors. 

Businesses that were trading comfortably several years ago may now find that consolidation or even survival is now the key focus.  But what happens if COVID spikes again in winter?  When will the next strain of COVID emerge and what responses will it garner from governments? 

This uncertainty is a key concern for organisations and business owners alike.

Work-life balance has been a topic of conversation for years, but the past few years have started a movement with respect to staff wanting to have flexibility with respect to work. Hybrid work has completely transformed the employee experience. 

All of this has created changes where organisations need to consider their strategy and operating model. 

At i3 Australia we have long argued that strategy needs to be revisited frequently to accommodate the change that is happening at a faster rate than at any time in history.   The past two years have taken the need to reconsider strategy to an even higher level. 

The reconsideration of strategy needs to be coupled with a review of your organisations’ operating model 

If we prepare for a worst-case scenario (more hard/soft lockdowns, new strains of COVID, government policy, consumer hesitancy) and that manifests, then we are ready for it. If the situation improves, we have positioned ourselves to take advantage of a range of opportunities. 

Key considerations?

WHAT do we do to assure our future?

HOW do we achieve long-term, sustainable success?

A proven methodology to help organisations grow.

We undertake discovery sessions with you to gain INSIGHTS. We look at issues, problems, challenges, gaps, opportunities, systems, people and information. 

Using this information, we roadmap opportunities for improvement across all areas of your organisation – INNOVATE.  Strategy and Operating Models are revised leading to business transition and transformation. We recommend digitisation solutions to position your organisation for next-generation success. 

We then assist with implementing improvements to IMPROVE productivity and profitability.  

Book an obligation-free chat with us today and let us buy you a real or virtual coffee to understand how we can assist you to revise your strategy and transform your business. We want to help to position you for success during these challenging times and achieve competitive advantages in the ‘new normal’ that is yet to reveal itself. 

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