Cloud – a Case of When, Not If

Adapted from the most recent McAfee Cloud Adoption and Risk Report.

There hasn’t been a more disruptive technology to enter enterprise IT since the internet itself. Many organisations are structuring themselves around the rapid transformation, growth, and agility the cloud delivers. Cloud is making IT more strategic than ever and is driving Next-Gen Operating Models.

Instead of building from the ground up, organisations are leveraging the development teams at AWS, Box, Microsoft and countless others to give businesses the tools we need to run our businesses, from anywhere.

Cloud infrastructure is leagues ahead of on-premises performance. Workers are able to collaborate faster. Software developers are building and deploying applications rapidly in cloud infrastructure. The cloud is moving businesses forward faster.

In the diagrams below, 1000 IT decision makers were asked how they were benefitting from their use of cloud. In summary:

87% of organisations experience business acceleration from their use of cloud services.

Graph showing how companies benefit from the cloud

Graph showing how companies benefit from the cloud with SAAS infrastructure

The question for organisations today is not whether to move to the cloud, but when!

A prominent speaker recently suggested that competitive advantage in the future is less likely to be linked to the product/services organisations sell and more aligned with the apps and digitisation implemented by organisations.  With more apps to be developed in the next 5 years than in the past 40 years combined, how we embrace technology will define our success or failure.

Talk to us about your digitisation and cloud strategy, the risks involved and how it can transform your business. Being in partnership with Wiise, Microsoft, Clear Desk, Automation Anywhere, Stratapp and Prime BPM, we are ideally positioned to share insights into cloud opportunities and benefits.

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