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Clever ERP and accounting software

When your business grows, or your strategy is to grow your business, you might find yourself asking questions like:

  • Have we outgrown our existing accounting software?
  • Are we managing our business out of multiple systems?
  • Are we using spreadsheets to capture and manage important information?
  • Should we improve our financial governance and controls with workflows and permission sets to confidently allow data entry to be decentralised?
  • Should our finance team focus on analysis, accuracy and business support rather than data entry?

If you are asking yourself even one of these questions, making a ‘wise’ decision may be necessary. Because two ‘ii’s are always better than one – Wiise just might be the answer!

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Enterprise level capabilities and intelligence – at an affordable price

See and understand your business clearly with Wiise

Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Wiise Cloud ERP and Accounting Software streamlines your workday and brings your accounting, bank feeds, CRM, inventory, fixed assets, jobs, payroll and more into one hub. To learn more, download our Wiise / Business Central Information Sheet

Wiise Features

Much more than just accounting software, Wiise is enterprise-level technology designed for businesses of all shapes and sizes. If you need consolidated reporting across multiple entities or locations, or are looking for a cloud ERP solution that scales with your business, Wiise is a solution you’ll never outgrow. Its integration with the Dynamics 365 family means that as you grow, you can build around Wiise as the core of your operations.

Streamline your operations and see how finance impacts forecasting, how inventory affects invoicing, or how pricing and costs affects margins. Wiise provides a clearer picture of what’s happening at every level of your business.

Wiise is clever business software designed to handle the complexity of growing businesses that need to see the complete picture to make decisions with certainty.

Anywhere, anytime, any device

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New? Not really.

Wiise started with a powerful idea – build on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to give small and medium Australian businesses the same tools and insights available to large enterprises, using clever business management software at a fraction of the cost.

KPMG Australia teamed up with Microsoft and Commonwealth Bank to bridge the gap between accounting software and expensive ERP technology.

Wiise has taken a world-class solution, the Microsoft Business Central platform, and built on it to suit the Australian, New Zealand and PNG Markets. The end result is that Wiise has levelled the playing field for the SME market and given larger enterprises the opportunity to leverage to power of Microsoft and reduce ongoing costs.

A word to the ‘Wiise’

Wiise Business Reporting Image

See the full picture and get the right information instantly

Accounting, inventory, jobs, assets, people, payroll and operations in one hub.

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Affordable packages for all shapes and sizes of businesses

Wiise subscription packages make ERP technology accessible to every business.

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The information you need to make decisions confidently

Real-time analytics and insights, powerful forecasting and reporting.

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Software that grows with your business without the stress

No manual upgrades, just unlock enterprise features as you go.

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Seamless connection with Microsoft tools and platforms

Work in your familiar, everyday tools, connected at no extra cost.

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Customised for local businesses

Made to fit the Australian, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea markets, built by locals who know how you work.

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Your information is in safe hands

Wiise is housed in secure, Australian-based Microsoft Azure data centres.

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Supported by industry experts

Created by KPMG, built on Microsoft, backed by CommBank, implemented and supported by i3 Australia - leaders in their fields.

Wiise benefits

Full Financial Management from accounting and inventory to forecasting and real-time analytics, payroll and customer service, Wiise is clever Cloud ERP and Accounting software that:

  • Provides real-time data and analytics for your business with enterprise-grade tools to make decisions with certainty.
  • Automates everyday business process such as approvals and raising quotes, orders and invoices in one place – removing the need for re-keying information or manual processes.
  • Connects Wiise with Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Word, so it’s business as usual.
  • Consolidates your reporting across multiple locations, companies and warehouses.
  • Reports how your finances, inventory or jobs are performing against budgets and forecasts.
  • Allows you to get paid more quickly through Simplify’s click-to-pay and auto-reconciliation.
  • Provides integrated eCommerce and POS options.
  • Manages all your payments from one hub to see the full picture of your cash flow.
  • Provides simple online set-up options to ready to go in no time or with help from i3 Australia you can implement full ERP functionality.

Wiise in action

More than just accounting software, Wiise is clever ERP and accounting software to run your business. Check out the videos to find out more.

Why i3 Australia as your Wiise partner?

Wiise Business Consultants Brisbane

Not an IT company – not an IT project

i3 Australia is one of the only Wiise Consulting Partners in the Pacific. We are not an IT or Software company implementing Wiise and other digital solutions – we are a consulting business that assists clients with system implementations as a part of our innovation and improvement services. We partner with the best IT companies for the serious IT stuff so our clients get the best of both worlds. We have successfully implemented solutions including Wiise, SAP, Oracle and TechnologyOne for clients in a variety of industries in a number of countries.

We chose Wiise Cloud ERP and Accounting software for functionality, ease of use and cost effectiveness.

We are different because as a consulting firm we have Chartered Accountants (CA), Certified Practising Accountants (CPA), lawyers, human resources, IT and operational specialists with extensive experience in:

  • Accounting and finance
  • Project management
  • Payroll
  • Human resources
  • Asset management
  • Inventory management
  • Warehouse management
  • Manufacturing
  • Business improvement
  • Business transformation
  • Governance

Wiise Partner Brisbane

What’s new in Wiise?

Wiise can now be integrated with Shopify eCommerce online store or Shopify POS. This allows businesses to automate day to day tasks, ensuring that orders, inventory levels, payments and other information is up to date.

Shopify integration includes these functions:

  • Item synchronisation – Item details, variants, attributes and pricing information are synchronised from Wiise to Shopify.
  • Inventory level synchronisation – Stock quantities can be synchronised between Wiise and Shopify in both directions. This supports multiple warehouse locations.
  • Customer payments synchronisation – Once the customer makes a payment in the Shopify online store, this information is sent to Wiise and this payment is posted against the customer card Wiise.
  • Order synchronisation – All the Shopify online store orders are sent to Wiise. The system will create them as sales orders, and they are managed (shipped and invoiced) within Wiise. The sales orders are synchronised by warehouse location.
  • Customer synchronisation – When the online order is sent to Wiise, the system will check if the customer already exists. If they don't, the customer will be automatically created in Wiise.
  • Shipping information synchronisation – Once the sales order is shipped in Wiise, the information is sent to Shopify and the order is updated as fulfilled.
  • Refund synchronisation – Any refunds made in Shopify will be sent to Wiise and recorded there as credit notes.
  • New screen to show items and variants – We've developed a new dashboard screen where items and variants are shown in one list. They are grouped by item categories. You can see the variants, attributes, prices, barcodes and inventory quantities per location here. And you can create a transfer stock order too.
  • Shopify POS

Coming in 2021, Wiisdom will use big data to benchmark the performance of businesses using Wiise against a number of metrics.

Register here to receive updates in relation to the release of Wiisdom and for ongoing updates planned by Wiise.

Next steps…

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