Improve Financial Management with Business Central and Copilot

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers powerful tools to enhance financial management, and Copilot, its AI companion, plays a key role in streamlining processes and improving efficiency.

Dynamics 365 Business Central leverages Copilot for better financial management through:  

Automated Invoicing and Expense Tracking: 

  • Copilot assists by automating tasks related to invoicing and expense tracking. It reduces the risk of human error and ensures accurate and up-to-date financial data. 
  • With Copilot, you can create and manage invoices more efficiently, track expenses, and maintain accurate records. 

 Bank Reconciliation Made Easier: 

  • Copilot analyzes bank statements imported into Business Central, matching transactions and proposing entries for those that weren’t auto-matched. 
  • This feature significantly simplifies the monthly chore of reconciling bank statement transactions, saving time and effort for finance professionals. 

 Conversational Chat and Natural Language Queries: 

  • Copilot enables conversational chat within Business Central. You can ask questions, locate records, and learn new skills—all using natural language. 
  • It’s like having an AI-powered assistant ready to help you find what you need without hassle. Navigating documents and onboarding new users becomes more efficient. 

 Focus on Meaningful Work: 

  • Copilot frees up capacity by handling mundane and repetitive tasks. This allows employees to concentrate on more impactful work. 
  • Whether it’s answering queries, finding information, or automating routine processes, Copilot helps you reclaim time for important tasks. 

“Copilot in Business Central empowers you to work smarter, adapt faster, and perform better by harnessing the power of AI. It’s a catalyst for unleashing human potential and driving efficiency in ways previously unimaginable.”

Contact i3 Australia to learn how Copilot and Business Central can transform your finance operation.

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